Friday, January 11, 2008

What are we going to eat for 7 months?

Friday January 11, 2008

Tuesday after a short nap we walked to the market in order to feed ourselves and have some food in our kitchen. I knew Norway was expensive but after a short trip to the grocer I'm a little concerned about our diet. I'm very happy that I threw in some favorite stuff in my luggage such as peanutbutter, Jo Jos, (Trader Joes special xmas cookies) some leftover Starbucks Coffee, a few Luna bars, hot cocoa mix and a few marshmallows. Oh, we also have 6 bottles of wine that Kent had been bringing during his prior trips. Alcohol is insanely expensive and I can't imagine 7months wineless.

I think we will be living on pasta, frozen pizza and scrambled eggs. Oh, I did buy a head of iceberg lettuce and carrots so we could have some veggies in our diet. Everything is so pricey because Norway is so far from the rest of civilizaton and do they grow anything here? I think it's too cold. So why is cheese out of my price range? Aren't there plenty of cows here? We picked the Swiss over the cheddar. You don't want to knkow how much it costs and parmesan... oh my!

Last night Rich took the 3 of us out for dinner at a spot in the neighborhood. We all had average entres... for expample spaghetti with meat sause and we all had water except for one coke and the check was 750 croners which is about $150....
Rich lived in Oslo for a year. He commented that the Norwegians aren't known for their culinary. I guess I'd have to agree.

I plan on having an open mind to eating in Norway and hope to figure out how to grocery shop and cook while we're here. I did see some good looking salmon I'm going back for this weekend. Heads up to all of you who offered to send me stuff... I may be contacting you sooner than I thought.

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Sharon said...

Wow. Makes Dublin seem inexpensive. We confess to eating frozen pizza frequently. They warm up great in our convection cooker.