Friday, January 25, 2008


I might as well admit it... I like to go the gym. Kent says I'm one of those people gyms don't like because they don't make any money off of me. Today I visited one of the Norwegian chain of health clubs called Elixia. After my tour last Sunday I've been wanting to return and today was the big day.

When I called to inquire the gal on the other end asked me if I planned on joining. Of course I told her.... at least I think I am I thought to myself. Well... it is a fancy gym; it makes 24 Hour Fitness look pretty dumpy. Upon entering I noticed there were little booties in a basket, later I saw lots of people wearing them in order to keep the floor clean. Hmm, not a bad idea. In fact the whole gym is super clean which is very nice. Most of the gyms I've been to at home aren't very clean. Elixia has it all. I think I mentioned this location is the largest in Norway. They have all the usual classes plus a few I thought were interesting a rowing class, Afro dancing, Energy Yoga (with candles) ... to name a few.

I did my usual workout which includes cardio, I like the EFX machine and then I lifted weights. Looking around the gym, I haven't seen any overweight Norwegians not that they are all working out at Elixia. Do they walk more, exercise more, eat healthier than Americans do, or could it be the delicious food? There are only 4 million of them.

It was a good visit. A couple of my friends have commented that I should join, not a bad idea however the Telenor discount was better.

FYI: KJ made it two straight days at school! TGIF

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