Monday, January 21, 2008

Back to School?

Last night we had a little family talk about being far away from home, in hopes of getting some of the anxious feelings off of our chests. I felt better afterwards....

This morning KJ woke up and said her chest hurt and that she wasn't hungry. Probably nerves I thought. The school is a huge place with 600 kids from ages 6-15. (I think) I'd be kinda nervous too. We slowly got ourselves out the door. We were late but so was Guro, the teacher. She was late the other morning too.
" Is she late everyday ?" I asked another student in the line.
He said, "yes."
Great.... It thought. Or maybe we didn't understand my English.
I continued chatting with Victor, I think that's his name. He is from Brazil so I spoke a little Spanish. I think I did better speaking to him in English. KJ thinks he lives on our street. The kids in her class seem friendly enough. Several of them said hi to Kayleigh when we arrived. This is all good... I thought. Guro finally arrived. I guess KJ had enough of me because she abruptly said bye Mom.

The morning whizzed by. I went running and exploring. I found a toy store and a big video store. We can walk down here later this afternoon. I got home stretched out a bit, did a little cleaning and called Amy. Kent met her and her husband during one of his trips last fall. I think one of them was wearing a jacket that had CU on it. (University of Colorado) Amy also has a cute dog. They were hiking around Holmenkollen. It was good to talk to her. Her husband is Norwegian and she said they moved here so their kids could get to know their culture. (Maybe we should move to North Dakota when we get back so Kayleigh can learn more about my culture) JK

When I got to school some of KJ's classmates were already outside and told me she threw up again. Poor kid.. I guess she didn't feel good this morning. She made it all through the school day until the last 20 minutes. We talked to Guro trying to figure out if it's nerves about being in a new place so far away from home or does she have a bug? She suggested taking her back to the clinic for more tests. She said that a bug is going around and that she'd been sick all weekend and another student went home after he got sick. All I could think was what a bummer for Kayleigh's first experience. We walked home and she immediately fell asleep. When she woke up I went to get a thermometer, Sprite and some crackers. She has a fever but hasn't upchucked again but then again she hasn't eaten. Maybe she's allergic to school?


Keely Wahl said...

Poor girl! Kent sent a link to your blog to my husband and he fowarded it to me. I am so impressed that she wants to go to school there and not be homeschooled while ya'll are abroad!

btw--Most Brazilians speak Portuguese. That's probably why you did better speaking English than Spanish. :)

Andy Smith said...

Aw, poor Kayleigh. She is being such a good sport, but I'm sure its discouraging to everyone that she has been sick the whole time. Hang in there, Spauldings, Spring is only 4 months away!

- Andy