Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Sunny Day in Oslo

Today is bright and mild. My run at the park was the best yet. Eventually I'm going to have to pick it up if I plan on participating in the Hood To Coast Relay again in August with Melissa's team. I don't want to let them down!!!

KJ is staying home from school until Monday and she'll get a fresh start next week. No pun intended. We decide to take the Trikk (the street car) around our part of Oslo. Kent purchased us bus passes for one month and they are good for all public transportation. The Trikk stop is close by so we hop on and take it a short distance to Soli Plass. (plaza) We are going to the post office to mail some letters and cards to KJ's pals. That was easy enough. I'm not used to public transportation and am a bit of a wimp. The Max in Portland is great but I'm a typical American and usually drive too much. In Oslo I don't have that option since we have no car. I guess I better get on with it. KJ wants to continue on the Trik so we take it to Carl Joahan's Gate, a pedestrian street filled with shops and cafes. We were here last February. It's a fun place to hang out especially on a sunny day. I buy KJ a donut at Seven Eleven for 14K (way too much) Trust me, I am not one to buy donuts for my kid, but what the heck? We end up walking to the palace and taking lots of pictures. (We promise to get them on the blog soon) We end up back at Soli Plass, jump on the Trik and end up by the Kaffebrenneriet, Oslo's local coffee shop. I've been wanting to go there since day one, so we stop in for a small latte and a very small hot chocolate. (49K together) Ouch, I love going out for coffee so this is a drag. One last stop at the market and then back home. It is close to 4 o'clock and it's already dark. It was a fun afternoon!

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