Thursday, January 24, 2008

She Did It!!

Kayleigh is amazing! Staying home for 2 days after Monday's excitement, we headed back wondering what the day would bring?
The teacher was late again. Did I already mention how annoying I find this? I was never late when I taught school for 10 years. What is wrong with these people??? Liliana, the teacher we hadn't met finally arrived. She unlocked the door and the kids marched in. I went in to introduce myself and my daughter.

"I don't speak much English," she said immediately.

Great, I thought. She is Polish too. Did I mention that most of the kids in the class are Polish? So, is KJ going to learn Polish instead of Norwegian?

I went home very upset. I looked longingly at the Oslo International School's website. I send them e-mail inquiring about openings, knowing she won't be able to go there unless we win the lottery. We've tried to think of all the school options for KJ while we're here. There is a French school very close to our apartment but that seems weird. We are in Norway?!? I am ready to pack my bags and head back to beautiful Portland, Oregon, where Kayleigh attends a wonderful skole.

The morning drags by. Kent calls and says he's leaving work to try to take care of his work visa. He will meet us at the school afterwards. We don't make it up to her class as she runs up to greet us. She made it all day without throwing up anywhere. Maybe this is the start of something good.....

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stephanie said...

Today, no throwing up; tomorrow, fluent speaker of Norwegian. Go Kayleigh!