Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Laughing Matter

Today Kayleigh threw up at school all over her teacher's desk, herself and sadly to say her teacher.

This morning we got ourselves out of bed around 7:30. No need for alarm clocks when you're still jet lagged. (When will this end?) I immediately got the coffee going. Did I tell how much we love the coffee maker here? It's called a Mocha Master and it is really fun to watch as it brews the coffee. Did I mention that I don't care for the coffee much here? It's quite bitter but Kent seems to like it alright. (Oops, I'm getting off the subject.)

KJ said she wasn't hungry. Is this my daughter, I thought to myself she's always up for food. Well then I told her to take her medicine so we could go. She absolutely can't stand her antibiotic. She takes it 2x a day for 10 days. I asked the doc for liquid since I thought pills would be too hard to swallow. (Big mistake) After she choked it down we got our coats on and left.

We arrived just as the bell was ringing which is so not like us. It is so dark here in the morning; we felt like we were walking to school in the middle of the night. At home we leave 20 minutes before the bell rings rain or shine. I walked KJ up to the class where all the kids wait in a line until the teacher comes and lets them in. Guro was late. Later we found out she wasn't feeling well. I told Kayleigh goodbye and left.

I decided I needed a run since yesterday I didn't go. (Got to have my exercise) I actually went a little farther trying to run around the outside of Vigeland Park. It didn't happen. That is one big park. When I returned to the apartment I thought I'd do a little cleaning, blogging and continue my search for buying some used xcountry skis.

The phone rang... "Tracy, where have you been?" said Kent on the other end. "The school called and Kayleigh threw up."

I threw some sweat pants on and ran up to school thinking ... was it a reaction to the antibiotic, nerves, food poisoning?

When I got to 5M KJ and Guro were sitting in the classroom chatting. Hmm, maybe it's not that bad?

Guro explained in her Norwegian accent, "Kayleigh came up to my desk to show me her work and just got sick all over the desk, me, and herself."

Kayleigh added, "I threw up some more on my way to the sink too."

"The children were excited because the math teacher came and took them out to play while the room was being cleaned." Guro told me. "Kayleigh's sure to be very popular with the other kids now."

Guro thought the whole incident was funny. Hmm, is that the right English word she really wanted to use. I guess I 'd rather have her feeling this way than upset. She is a character.

She told us to go home and get well and to come back on Monday. She said this was one of her most memorable days of teaching. It will probably be one of ours too in Oslo that is.

We are home now taking it easy once again. I said to KJ when are we going to see Oslo. Her reply, "Mom, we have 7 months."

FYI... We are planning on having KJ take the medicine with food in her tummy tonight. If need be we'll go back to the clinic tomorrow.


Stephanie said...

Wow! Way to make an impression Kayleigh! (I thought she NEVER threw up!) Bummer! And the teacher said, "see ya next week?" Could be a long week... It's cold in Austin. Only about 55 right now with temps dropping. But at least I'm warmed by the thought that Drew left Andy with as he departed for California. "I love Mom more ... so you can go."

stephanie said...

Wow KJ, way to leave a lasting first impression!

Anonymous said...

Bet you're not getting comments, but lots of emails re Kayleigh, the bravest kid on the Scandinavian continent. Glad it was a laughing matter. I wouldn't laugh if anyone, I mean anyone, threw up on me. Listening KJ?

Luboo, Mimi (you may spell it Meme - I do!)

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, I once threw up during a holiday choir concert in grade school - and I was in the first row. Then, I threw up all the way to the bathroom, missing all garbage cans, and hitting my teacher more than once. We've all been there, and created those memorable moments!