Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not much has been going on here since Tuesday's incident. We're basically taking it easy.

Wednesday was a very gray, rainy day. I'd say it was a typical Pacific Northwest winter day. The kind of day where I'd rather have it be just a little colder and snowing. I thought it was suppose to do that here in the winter.

Wednesday, Jeannette, the land person of our apartment picked KJ and Me up for a trip to Ikea. She had told Kent she would get a couple night stands for the bedroom. The shopping trip was quite fun. Jeannette is a beautiful Norwegian who is studying at the university to become a doctor. It was a long ride to Ikea so we had plenty of time to visit. She told us growing up she lived in many places: Singapore, Santa Barbara, (USA) and Belgium. She studied oriental medicine and lived with a Chinese family for 2 years. Besides studying she also teaches Thi Chi and Xi Gong (SP) She explained all about acupuncture to KJ. (I'm thinking about having her treat me for sleep deprivation.)

We love Ikea. We really didn't buy anything very excited but we always have fun there. The new Ikea in Portland is fairly close to our house and this summer we purchased furniture for KJ's room. We did buy another Spooka which is a cute little alien light for KJ. She has another one at home too.

After Ikea Jeannette had to stop by a mall to take care of her broken computer. The mall has over 300 shops including Buid-A-Bear Workshop, one of Kayleigh's favorite places. In fact, we went right before we left Portland. We looked at the directory so we knew there were 2 locations in the Oslo area! I found a sporting goods store and bought a yoga set. For 299K we got a yoga mat, a ball, (KJ's favorite part of the set) and 3 stretch bands. So now we can practice yoga. (I may actually join a studio nearby but I think it is too pricey?) Jeanette asked me about my yoga practice. I told her I enjoy it but am not all that serious. She commented on how good I look for being an American and commented, aren't all Americans fat? We walked around a little and then headed back. Jeannette informed me that there is a bus that takes you directly to the mall. (Good info...)

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