Friday, January 11, 2008

We are here.....

Friday January 11, 2008

We arrived in Oslo Tuesday afternoon all jet lagged and grumpy. After a very expensive taxi ride we made it to our new pad for the next 7 months. We opted for a cab over the train into Oslo since we had too many pieces of luggage. Believe me the train was way cheaper!

The apartment is quite nice. I especially like the heated floor in the bathroom so does KJ. The shower is part of the bathroom with a couple drains so the water can escape. It's a lot of fun using the squeegee to clean up the water....ask KJ.

Not a whole lot has gone on since our arrival. Kayleigh and Kent are both sick with nasty coughs. We have been sleeping a lot. I don't recall feeling so wiped out on my other international travels. Must have been all of our holiday partying. (JK) Kayleigh did have a crazy sleep over with her old buddies before we left on New Year's Day and then the Saturday before we left she went to Lilly's iceskating b-day bash and spent the night. Can we say lack of sleep?!? I'm not a big fan of sleep overs. Kent and I thought..... she can catch up on her sleep on the plane. Who actually sleeps sitting up for 9+ hours?

Kent has been at work for 2 days.. I guess that is why we are here. He works for Tripod Technology Group. They have had work at Telenor which is a huge telecommunications company in Scandanavia and other parts of Europe and Asia. He agreed to be the guy in charge in Oslo for Tripod for the next 7 months. Hmm, last night at dinner with Rich, the guy who started the company seems to think Kent might want to relocate. I think he was joking. I like adventures but I also like my home sweet home.

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Andy Smith said...

You can get pretty far on peanut butter, but good luck finding it in Europe!

Sounds like you guys have arrived without too much hassle. We are looking forward to seeing you this summer, and are excitedly planning our trip.

- Andy