Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our New Home

Kent and I actually looked on-line months ago for a place to live in Oslo. Having looked while he was here on business in September and not scoring we thought we'd give it a go in Portland. While living in Austin, we actually found our house on-line before we moved to Portland. A handy part about looking on-line is having a helper who is there so they can check it out for you since the pictures on the site don't always tell the whole story. I'd say we're doing pretty well with this method of shopping. In Portland we had our pal and outstanding realtor, Teresa as our house hunter. Rich, the head chief at Tripod checked out the place here. In fact he moved into the apartment for 6 weeks with his family last fall. So it is a well lived Tripod home.
It's a basic old building. We're on the first floor. It has 2 bedrooms, ( KJ's is tiny) one large bathroom including a double sink, heated floors (already mentioned) and a washer and dryer, kitchen and living room. It is a furnished apartment although we need a few things such as a chair and some cute rugs for the floor. You should see the size of the TV. My tv addicted family isn't watching it much. Boy, I wonder why?

I guess we are in a pretty swanky neighborhood which is called Frogner. So far I have no complaints. Vigeland Park is minutes away with the famous nude art. (more to follow) We'll be spending lots of time at the park as it is a great place to hang out and I've already been running there a couple times. There is a market reasonably close, with a coffee shop on the way and KJ's school is nearby. This is all good news since we don't have a car.

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