Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Teeny Little Bit of Snow

Yesterday Kayleigh and I were out for a little shopping. We also stopped for a treat and some reading at Baker Hansen. On the way home we saw the tiniest snowflakes falling from the sky. The weather report called for some snow and as we waited for the trik it started to come down a little more. By the time we got to our apartment it was snowing pretty hard. We ran inside to get our cameras so we could remember it actually did snow while we were living in Norway. (This was actually the second time.)

According to the English Norwegian newspaper I read online, February 2008 was the warmest its been since 1900. How can it snow when on average it's 6 degrees warmer than usual? I still get excited when it snows. There is something very beautiful and peaceful about it when it falls from the sky.

It was just a small amount of snow, it didn't stick and this morning the sun was shining brightly.

Tomorrow we are going to Lillehammer to ski and it is suppose to snow! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed because it sure would be fun to ski in the snow before spring is officially here.

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