Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Speedy Frigg

After a little research and a phone call to Isabelle, the team leader of one of the 9 year old girl Frigg fotball teams, we were off to practice last night. The practice was held at Majorstua Skole in the gym. It is a little cold for outdoor practice.

Frigg is the name of the club basically like Rose City, our soccer club in Portland, only I think it is a lot larger.

We were warmly greeted by Isabelle, who also has a daughter on the team and by both coaches who also have daughters playing. This is just like at home as some parents step up and volunteer. I just happened to do this the summer we moved to Portland.... I was talked into being the coach! I knew nothing about soccer but I soon discovered the club desperately needed someone. It was actually a lot of fun.

Kent and I thought it was great. The girls were very interested and friendly to Kayleigh, the coach's daughter particularly. KJ commented on how smiley she was and that she said good bye to her 4 times. The girls just started learning English last year so they don't know much with this in mind it took Kayleigh a while to get into it.They scrimmaged quite a bit and did a fun game where the girls were split into 2 groups with 2 and 3 in each group. The held hands while they played which made them really have to work together.

While they were practicing Kent and I were chatting with Isabelle and another dad. It was really fun to be a fotball family again.

If the weather cooperates next week Speedy Frigg will practice outdoors. We shall see. The girls don't start playing games until April and the season goes until school ends which is the end of June. KJ will get her jersey in a couple weeks which Kent thinks will make an outstanding souvenir.

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