Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dogsledding is a BLAST!!

We didn't know what to expect when we set out for an evening of dogsledding. We didn't receive much information other than the time we were leaving, dinner would be served and they would provide warm clothing.

As we walked to the bus, KJ informed us that she was going to pet all the dogs and she almost did. The ride was about 30 minutes and we were among a fun bunch who had been on a cruise from Bergen to Tromso. This was the last night of their trip. We were greeted by an enthusiastic, British woman named Helen. She had only been working with the dogs for one month. She was the happy host who introduced us to the dogs and then helped us into our Michelin man suits and boots. We then were paired up for the ride. Kent, KJ and I were all in one sled together. Our driver, Thomas had just completed the Finmark race which lasted 6 days and he finished 25 place. It was fun listening to him tell about the race. He and Kent had fun chatting. I was in the middle on the sleigh with KJ in front and Kent in the rear. They were keeping me nice and warm. It was really great fun..... I especially enjoyed watching KJ both during the ride, before and after. She was having the best time! There were around 240 dogs and we decided she pet at least half of them. After the ride we walked around all the doghouses. Each dog has their own little house and their names are on them. We had fun reading the names which included.... Tracy, Kara, Janis and Joplin. Rocky and Rambo to name a few. KJ even held one of the puppies.

After spending lots of time loving all the dogs we were led to the Sami tent for reindeer stew, hot coffee, (hot cocoa for KJ) and cake. We all sat around the fire in a circle while Helen served us dinner and educated us about dogsledding. Unfortunately it clouded over so we weren't able to view the northern lights.... maybe tomorrow night?

Tonight for sure the most fun we've had in Norway yet!!!!!!

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