Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mack Brewery

After arriving in Tromso we got situated in our hotel and headed out for a walk. Our mission was to check out the world's most northern brewery called Mack. The concierge called the establishment to make sure they were open. It is Easter break and many places close early or aren't open. Mack was open 9 to 5. Hmm, beer for breakfast anyone? She told us they weren't open for tours over the holiday. Oh darn, I doubt if Mack could ever top Guinness.

We found Mack shortly before 5. Kent went straight to the bar and ordered two dark Christmas beers and an orange Fanta for KJ. The brewery was quiet except for a few regulars. The front had a couple huge polar bears (not real) and it looked like it would be a fun place in this college town.... no smoking too.

We enjoyed our beer and soda at the top of the world and even bought a pint glass. Off for some more exploring before everything closes.....How often does one drink a beer at the top of the world?

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