Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ho Hum?

It was a quiet week here on the other side of the world. Kent went back to work and KJ to school. I went xcountry skiing three times, twice with KJ and once solo. One night we went for pizza with KJ's soccer team at Dolly Dimples which we think is a hilarious name for a pizza place. It is a chain over here and it was ok. The girls all had the kid buffet for 72 kroners ($14) We must be getting used to the price of things in Norway as Kent commented it was a pretty good deal. All the girls except KJ went to the ice cream buffet four times. KJ was amazed at how much they could put away.
Kent has started running with me. We are planning to get in shape for road biking when we get home. There are a couple rides in Portland we'd like to do. I'm also planning on running the Hood to Coast Relay the end of August. I guess I've mentioned this before and need to run farther... ugh! KJ's soccer games start in a couple weeks so we are all getting active.
Saturday evening Carolyn and family came over for dinner. It was a lot of fun. We haven't seen them in a while. It was our first time having dinner guests. I made some pretty tasty lasagna with KJ's help. We also made chocolate muffins.
It rained all weekend....reminding us of Portland. I'm sure it's raining there too, right guys? Sunday Kent and KJ went to the Mini Bottle Gallery. It was an interesting spot I found on some Oslo website and KJ really wanted to go. I guess it is a collection of all these bottles displayed at a museum type building which is also rented out for parties. Hmm? They both came home with mini bottles that were included with the price of admissions. They were both very impressed with the fancy bathrooms.
The exciting news of the week is that we are having visitors! Jennifer and David are coming April 12 until April 24. That means they will be here to celebrate Kayleigh's birthday April 15th. We are thrilled!
One more tidbit I forgot to mention. Kent talked our landlord into 2 cozy lounge chairs, a coat tree and a much improved reading lamp for our bedroom. Somehow we were able to get the chairs into our small apartment and they make things look more like home. Now we can really power lounge.

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Glenn said...

actually, we got some snow and sleet/hail on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (none stuck here). And some rain (sigh).