Thursday, March 6, 2008

Norsk Teknisk Museum

Last Saturday My dad and I went to the Teknisk Museum. (This is a science and technology museum)

My favorite exhibit was the one with lots of water in it. We had to wear rainboots and we got a remote control boat to play with. There was also a little movie theatre showing a movie about how the ocean is going to rise. The ice is melting in the North and South Poles.

There was an exhibit where you could go into the future. It was cool. There was a bunch of ticking like you were traveling into the future. While we were in the future we watched a robot put a new heart into a person.

There was a phone room with numbers for other phones in the room so we could talk to other people. I hung up on them because they were speaking in Norsk and I couldn't understand them.

There were also old airplanes.

I had lots of fun and I know my dad did too.

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