Monday, March 10, 2008

Fun at Hafjell!

The first time I downhill skied I was 30. Kent and I went on a backcountry ski trip with two other couples. Kacia, Clark, Cindi and Jake who have all been on many ski trips together over the years. I really wanted to go on the trip and see what was so wonderful about it. Growing up in Colorado, Kent has been skiing since he was very young and has always loved it. While driving home yesterday from Lillehammer he counted all the places he's been skiing and I think he got up to 21?

The backcountry trip was where else, but Colorado. We were to meet our group outside of Ft. Collins where the guides we hired ran their business. Once they saw our Texas plates as we drove up and found out I had never skied before the second guide was added to our group. We didn't need him but I basically had my own instructor. It was a lot of fun. We lived in a yurt for 3 days, skied, ate, visited and I learned that skiing and being on the mountain is great fun!

I still haven't been skiing much but I really love the mountains and the way I feel on skis. I doubt if I'll ever get very fast or have the desire to go down black runs but I'm so happy I decided to learn. It has also been wonderful to do something Kent loves so much. It is great fun to watch KJ improve each time she puts on her skis. When we rented her gear at Hafjell, she finally got a pair of "fancy ski boots." I think her foot is now big enough for a women's size. Well, she really flew down the mountain in her "fancy ski boots."

Hafjell was fun. It had lots of runs that were good for me and KJ. Kent was happy to telemark with us. We rode on the gondola a couple times too. It was KJ's first time! The mountain seemed huge to me but I'm used to Ski Bowl. We skied all day with a short stop for lunch and I was pooped.

We are thinking about squeezing in one more ski day before it is too late. We'll see but we are already making plans for next winter at Ski Bowl.

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