Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Weekend Accommodations

We decided that we wanted to ski around Lillehammer several weeks ago. We even asked our Norwegian friend Kristin for some help with the logistics. The weekend we decided to go there was a huge women's cross country ski race. When I started my search for accommodations the only place available for both Friday and Saturday nights was the Lillehammer camping motel. I discovered the camping motel while surfing around glancing at tourist sites about Lillehammer. Looking at their website at the pictures of the rooms and the prices, I thought to myself.... great price and the rooms don't look bad either. They advertised warm homemade bread and coffee in the mornings too. I made a reservation for us and we got a room with 3 beds.

Kent rented a car for the weekend which ended up being a great idea plus the car was pretty inexpensive. We were suppose to get a small station wagon but that didn't happen. We ended up with the smallest car on the planet and receiving a small discount. Surprisingly, all of our stuff for the weekend fit in the tinymobile including all of our skis. After loading up we were off late Friday afternoon. Kent was great behind the wheel in Norway and he commented that he liked the tiny mobile. There was a lot of traffic but we finally made it out of Oslo. We arrived at the camping motel about 3 hours later and checked in. We discovered if you needed bedding there was an extra charge and that they only have bread and coffee in the summer when they are busier... bummer. I must have coffee in the morning.

The room wasn't as nice as the pictures but the kroners we were saving made it worth it. It was definitely like a camping motel room. We all had our own little cots that were actually pretty comfortable. The room had a TV, a stove top, lots of dishes, a sink, and a small fridge. The bathroom was kinda scary. The shower was part of it but it did have a curtain. It's a good thing there was a squeegy thing to mop the floor.

After unloading the car and making our beds, we went to find food. The only spot close by was called By The Way. It reminded us of The Cracker Barrel without the general store. After some pasta for KJ and Kent and a shrimp baguette sandwich for me we headed back to our luxurious room for a little GG and sleep. The next morning I made some breakfast which consisted of yummy bread brought from Oslo with Skippy peanutbutter (thanks Mom) and apples. We then threw on our ski stuff and headed to the gas station next to By the Way for a latte. Most convenience stores have coffee machines that make coffee any way you want it and it's not bad.

Off to ski at Hafjell.....

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