Monday, March 10, 2008

American Women in Oslo Like to Drink Wine

Thursday night proved to be a fun night out. It was a meeting of the wine appreciation club for the AWC Oslo. This was the first time they have met in a while so we were meeting to discuss the details of the group and of course drink wine.

Earlier that day I headed to my neighborhood Vinmonopolet to carefully pick out a bottle of wine to take with me.

Upon entering a friendly clerk asked, "do you need any help?" (First in Norsk of course.)

"I am looking for a nice bottle of red wine," I responded.

"You came to the right place," he said.

I jokingly remarked, "you mean the only place you can buy wine in Norway."

This is true. Wine and liquor can be bought from the Vinmonopolet, the state liquor and wine monopoly. Not only are the prices sky high but the selection is pretty limited. I searched for a while since I didn't want to be a cheapo and finally found a nice, somewhat reasonably priced Spanish Tempranillo.

The gathering was just what I needed. The group was small and friendly. Everyone either brought a bottle of wine to share or an appetizer. Our host, Pam has a great house including a wine cellar that she let us check out. Her husband's hobby is wine and by the looks of it I'd say he knows a lot about the stuff. (I really wish I had my camera to get a pic of the cellar) He also shared a few very nice bottles with us. We are hoping he will come to our next meeting and give us pointers on how to taste wine correctly.

We chatted, drank far too much vino and had lots of tasty snacks too. We also discussed some ideas for the club and how often we should meet. I enjoyed learning about how these women like being in Norway and finding out more about life so far away. Most of them have been here quite a while. I asked them silly questions like... Can you find jelly beans? Do you have to pay a million kroners to get your haircut? to name a few.

All in all it was a good time. I think wine club in Oslo will be lots of fun! Next time I'll have remember not to drink quite as much.

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