Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Tromsø Highlights....

Tromso was a really fun little city. The population is around 60,000 with about 10,000 being students. There is a university there. Besides the main attraction of dogsledding and the Northern Lights we found a few other cool sights.

Tuesday morning we walked to the Polaria which is an Arctic museum with tons of fish and ocean life to see. First we made our way to see the seals perform for their 12:30 feeding. Kayleigh enjoyed it so much she wanted to stay for the 3:30 show.The building itself of super cool looking. It is in the shape of jagged ice and it is right close to the water. They also had a mini IMAX type theatre where we watched a scenic movie on life on the top of the world.

We stumbled upon a glass shop We were greeted by a man and woman. They asked us if we had ever seen glass being blown. Well we hadn't so we watched them. It was really interesting....more work than I imagined. The guy definitely was not Norwegian but from Seattle. He arrived only a week ago. He was planning on working at Blast for a year. I couldn't leave without buying a glass.

Tromso is very picturesque; I took so many pictures. It is right on the water and with the snow it was really beautiful. Our hotel was in the city center and you could walk everywhere. There was a pedestrian street with several cute shops. The library was even a neat looking building.

We did take a city bus to a history museum the second day. The Tromso Museum was located on the university campus. The museum had a large exhibit of the Sami, who are a group of people native to northern Norway with their own culture and language.

We ate hamburgers at the Bla Cafe (blue) We were told by a local to check the cafe out. It was college hang out that's for sure. We were craving burgers... we don't eat them much in Norway.

Kent and I both agreed that we'd return to Tromso someday. Maybe if KJ decides to take up dogsledding?

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