Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Ski Day

We thought we'd be skiing a lot while living in Norway. Well after Kent and Kayleigh being sick off and on and loads of other excuses including lack of snow here, we went to Tryvann today. It was lots of fun! Tryavann is the closest ski park to Oslo; 30 minutes outside the city.... not bad.

We left the apartment somewhat early around 9 which is pretty good in Oslo on a Sunday morning. Things move slow on Sundays. We walked 15 minutes to the Majorstua subway stop which is the closest to us. (Kent even carried his skis and boots.) Fortunately the train was just about to leave so we hopped on. It was full of skiers, most of them being cross country. The ride is about 30 minutes. Once we got to our stop we went to a ski shop where we got tickets for the shuttle. It took us up the mountain about another mile. After renting ski gear for me and KJ we were finally ready to ski!

Tryvann is rather small so we covered a lot of territory and the day was glorious. I'm not an experienced skier but I love being on the mountain. Kent spent the day telemarking with us and giving us lots of pointers. No black diamonds for him today. The weather was mild enough to eat our sack lunches outside! We chatted with various foreigners: a family from Houston, a man from Venezuela, and few folks from England. I guess we foreigners like to ski here.

We were pretty pooped from our first official ski day in Norway. We are planning on a ski weekend in Lillehammer next weekend (just rented a car!) and over Easter break we will ski. This year we will spring ski.....better late than never!

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Andy Smith said...

It looked like a beautiful day on the mountain, nice blue skies. At least you are finally getting real winter weather. Did you know there was some international ski race in Norway this weekend, and I guess the American Bode Miller won the downhill. So now you have some American bragging rights.