Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sun, Bikes, Boats, Food and Friends

What a glorious day in Amsterdam! When we arrived late Saturday morning, we worked our way through the busy airport and found the train. Only on our way I spied Starbucks and headed towards the familiar green sign. Thoughts of soy and chai lattes danced through my head. There was a long queue. I quickly came to my senses and we headed to our train. I'm sure I can do better than Starbucks in Amsterdam I thought to myself.
Once we got to Central Station and exited the train we were suppose to hop on the tram. It was so nice that we decided to walk. I am proud to say we've become true city people because we walk everywhere. My sister and Andy would be proud of us too.
People on bikes were everywhere and there are bike lanes everywhere too. Why would anyone drive? Where do the bikes go when no one is riding them? They're basically all over and I mean it. I think people lock them up anywhere they can find a space. It was amazing to me. After a short 20 minute walk we made it to Hotel Agora, our home for the night. We checked in and had to hoof it up 4 flights of very steep steps. The room was large and over looked a canal. We were quite pleased.
Dan and Teresa arrived shortly and we headed out. It was good to see them. We decided to grab some food to eat on the go. This could be tough as there is food all over in Amsterdam. We opted for some vlaams frites (fries) My on-line info said to try them and they were delish. They offer you almost any kind of sauce for dipping that one can think of too. We also got a falafel.
First ...a canal boat cruise which was nice and relaxing. Second stop... pedal boating for Kent and KJ while Teresa, Dan and I have a beer at a sidewalk cafe. Before beers we spot them pedaling down the canal and hop on for a short ride.
After spending lots of time on the water we head to T and D's hotel room for some wine and treats. KJ tries to nap. We decide to have dinner at an Argentinian Steakhouse. (My dad would be happy) These steakhouses are all over. D and T think Kent could use some red meat. It was fun and the food was alright. KJ is weary but on the way back to our hotel we walk through the largest plaza in the city and take some crazy photos. I take KJ to the hotel to bed while the others party on.....

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