Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Day After...

Usually when visitors leave I feel blue. Teresa and Dan returned Wednesday night much later than they originally planned because the tour boats aren't on the summer schedule yet. They arrived around 11 pm which is about my bedtime and they left for Amsterdam well before we were up Thursday morning. We chatted about Bergen and their fjord adventure. They had a wonderful time. They invited us to join them in Amsterdam so we'll see them Saturday. Maybe that is why I'm not sad about them leaving.
Today was an interesting day... A couple weeks ago I received a call from Jeannette, the gal who owns our apartment. She asked me if I'd like to be a model for her friend Pasqual, who is a hairstylist. He was looking for someone with short hair to cut and put stripes on. (She meant highlights) She thought of me because duh, I have short hair and she knows I don't work. He needed someone in the morning. I jumped at the chance to have a free haircut. My hair is driving me crazy and I can't afford a 600 kroner ($125) cut!
Unfortunately Pasqual called shortly after Jeannette and said he'd already found someone. He did say that he'd still like to cut my hair since I was so nice to offer to model. We had a difficult time communicating since he spoke only Norske and Italian and a little Spanish. I speak ENGLISH and some Spanish. When I hung up I really didn't think I'd hear from him again.
Well, last week his Swedish wife called who spoke English much better and wanted me to come that day. I was busy and really thought this time he'd give up trying to give some American a free haircut.
Today was my lucky day! He called again and the timing was good. Kent came home a little early from work for my 5 pm appointment. His salon was only a 15 minute walk from our apartment. On the walk I thought about my hair, it's finally getting a little longer at least to me. Do I really want it cut short again? Will I be able to explain that I only want a trim?
I asked Pasqual what he thought before he started cutting away.
He showed me a photo and said, "like this; it's very modern and French."
He went on explaining how heavy my hair is and that it needs life in it. I agreed. I haven't had a haircut since December except for Jennifer's trim.
It was fun. We chatted mostly in Spanish but he spoke a little English. Weird, that I had my haircut by an Italian and we're communicating in Spanish in Oslo! He cut a lot of my hair and was really wild with the scissors. I was a little concerned about the end result. After he finished cutting he used wax and lots of spray. The end result, very cute but short again. I guess I'm a short hair gal.
I had to zip out of the salon to meet Kent and KJ for her soccer game. I tried to give Pasqual a tip but he refused and gave me a big hug.
We met up with the team at the clubhouse and carpooled to the opponent's field. It was by a lake we xcountry skied at last winter which was pretty far. Frigg played great and won 5-3. KJ made another goal. Playing with the Norwegian girls has been super for her game. She is really improving!
The team and the parents are very friendly. When KJ made her goal everyone cheered her on and Benedicta ran to Kayleigh and held her hands and did a little dance with her. It was so cute. Benedicta is a powerhouse for Frigg; she is tiny and mighty. One game she had a bloody nose and kept on playing.
When we got home KJ took a couple pictures of me sporting my new doo. I'm going to wait to show off my new hair as the wind at the game got the best of my new style.
Heia Frigg!

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