Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day 2008 Won't Be Forgotten By This Mom

In Europe they celebrate Mother's Day sometime in February. I think we were the only ones celebrating on May 11. I'm all about special days for people whether it's their birthday or whatever type of day makes them happy. Get the picture.... So when I became a mom I got another spacial day.
Sunday was an outstanding day! Kayleigh and Kent got me flowers and a latte in the morning, while I lounged in my pjs. KJ also made me homemade flowers with a little help from her dad. We had my favorite scones and watched Gilmore Girls.
Today I wanted to hike. Kristian gave us a suggestion last night and e-mailed a map to Kent. (very nice) We got dressed, made some sandwiches and headed to our neighborhood subway stop. We'd start our hike at Frognerseteren, the same stop where we xcountry skied from just a couple months ago. We are in the Nordmarka. Frommer (the author of my guide book) calls it Oslo's playground. The forest goes on forever and there are tons of trails for quality hiking. We decided having a mountain bike here would be too much fun!
First we hiked to Skjennung Stua.(stua means place) It was a long way and I was a little sketchy about KJ. She hasn't hiked much and was out late last night. She did it and with no complaining. We did stop along the way to eat our PB sandwiches. At the stua not only were we on the side of a mountain with a great scenic view but we were at a bakery! We split some lemon and chocolate bread and also had some quiche. After a short rest and nourishment we continued another 8.5 K to the Sogns Van. (van means lake) The trails were a bit of everything... rocky, downhill, uphill, some of the trails were covered with tree roots. We hiked over some little creeks where pieces of wood were placed for you to walk over. During the second part of the hike we passed several stuas where hikers can stop and rest and get food. We finally reached the lake. I wish we had time to check it out but we had to find the train stop and head home. We hiked for about 6 hours and at least 9 miles which is a new record for KJ.
When we got home she went straight to the tub and Kent made us dinner. We're all happy and exhausted!

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