Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 17 Highlights of the Big Day in Norge Part One

My family and I have been anticipating May 17 for months. My father-in law David says it is the best day to be in Oslo. I think he might be right.
Kayleigh's teacher, Guro told us that May 17 is Norway's birthday. Everyone dresses nicely for the celebration. Many wear the bunader which is the Norwegian traditional dress. Each costume is unique depending what region in Norway you are from. They are beautiful!
Kayleigh marched in a parade with all the children in our area. Each school has their own banner and all the kids march with their school. Some schools even have bands. Since we happen to live in central Oslo, Kayleigh's barnetoget (kid parade) marched up Karl Johan's Gate (the main street up to the palace) around the palace where the king and queen wave to all the children. This parade happens to be the largest in all of Norway. Too bad the weather was dreadful.(It even snowed for short time.)
FYI.... Guro told KJ she'd need to wear a dress. This was not good news for my little tomboy. She had no dress in Oslo; well we took care of that and she looked very pretty.
Kent decided he was going to dress up in honor of Norway's birthday too. He mentioned that he brought both his new suits along and hasn't had the opportunity to wear them. When he saw the lovely weather in the morning he quickly changed his mind. His daughter wasn't going to let him off the hook and he put his suit on later in the evening when we had our own celebration. He cleans up pretty well, don't you think?


Sharon said...

Kent's love of Norway is palpable.

David said...

Dear Tracy, That is so sad that you had rain on Syttende Mai. When I was there it was absolutely beautiful, warm and sunny. Did you see any of the high school seniors antics? They go completely wild with buses with music blaring from huge sound systems that take up most of the bus and the kids walk along beside the buses. Doesn't sound like much when I write about it but those kids really had a wild time and had their final exams for college entrance the very next day! OUCH.

Andy Smith said...

Nice suit, Kent. Two words I never thought I'd see in the same sentence - Kent and suit, since I knew you'd ask.