Monday, May 19, 2008

Teresa and Dan Arrive!

I never thought this day would arrive. Feeling very blue I remember venting to friends about my challenges of being many miles from home. Teresa told me to go out and have a latte and that they'd be here in the spring with an extra suitcase of whatever we requested.
Sure enough, last Wednesday evening they arrived with lots of fun goodies.
Teresa and Dan live in Portland too and are experienced travelers. Teresa traveled a lot in the past for work and the two really enjoy seeing the world.
We met them through our common friends Kacia and Clark before we even moved to Portland. Teresa became our realtor and helped us find our home while we were still in Austin.
T and D are great visitors. I'm glad I listened to her and went out for that latte....
Here's to friends and blueberry vodka!
(I guess Norway too)

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