Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Playing Hooky in Oslo

Friday was a sunny spring day in Oslo. I told KJ she could take the day off and hang out with her grandparents. Well, that didn't take much convincing. We started the morning at my favorite bakery.... Baker Hansen. I had my usual the grov scone and a
latte. The scone is plain but it has museli on the top. It is very tasty.
We then took the trik to Aker Brygge and caught a ferry to Bygdoy across the harbor. It is a short distance, maybe 15-20 minutes. Jennifer and David wanted to go to the Viking Museum. It was a uphill walk from the ferry stop to the museum. Have I mentioned we walk a lot in Oslo? I'm not complaining as I enjoy walking and it is a nice way to get exercise and cheap transportation at that.

We let Jennifer and David visit the Viking ships on their own since we've already been there. It was great outside so we sat in the sun and read. KJ has read something like 30+ books since we've been here. I probably already mentioned my amazing young reader.

Everyone wants to see the Viking Museum so we have a couple more trips out here I think. It is pretty amazing to think these hearty people sailed the oceans in these ships! What were they thinking?

After the museum we took the bus back to our neighborhood and decided to do some errands and take it easy the rest of the day. We have a big weekend planned and J and D are fighting off colds.

Home to get a good dose of The Gilmore Girls.

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