Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Norway in a Nutshell

We were greeted with another glorious morning in Bergen. After a hearty European breakfast we headed to the train station where we would start our Norway in a Nutshell journey. A short train ride to Voss and then we transfered to a bus and onto Gudvangen. We made photo stops along the way; the mountains were amazing. Once we got to Gudvangen we hopped on the boat and took a cruise to Flam. The criuse was very enjoyable taking in all the fjords and we even saw some porpoises. We sat inside and had lunch but it was warm enough to be outside too. Along the way, we made a stop to drink some sacred water which was quite an event.
The boat arrived in Flam where we'd have a very long layover which was the only negative part of Nutshell. There aren't as many trains scheduled in the spring and there isn't much happening in Flam. We should've gone for a hike but we were feeling lazy. We finally boarded the Flam Railway later in the afternoon for what we all agreed was well worth the wait in Flam. This ride is roughly 50 minutes and is a fantastic experience going through hairpin tunnels, stopping to view waterfalls and descending from a high mountain plateau. I've never been on a train ride like this one! We loved every minute.
We eventually reached Myrdal where we caught the train back to Oslo. People had told me about the Nutshell trip but it is hard to comprehend what it is all about until you do it. We usually aren't into doing tours but were very pleased with the whole Nutshell experience. It is a great way to see the beauty of Norway.

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