Monday, May 12, 2008

Boat Fun!

I decided Kayleigh will have to own a boat someday. She's only gone boating twice and loved it both times. Last summer on the Fourth of July Kent was in Europe so my friend Elizabeth invited KJ and me to spend the day with her family on their boat on the Columbia. It was a toasty fun time and Kayleigh even went tubing!
I grew up going to Lake Sacajawea every summer with my grandparents for a couple weeks. My sister and I had a great time hanging out on Grandpa John's speed boat along with all the fun things we did at the cabin.
Saturday Carolyn invited us to join her family for an evening on their sail boat. It was another glorious day as we climbed on the boat with food, drink, fishing equipment, fleece and sweat shirts in case it got cold. There were so many boats on the water at one point it was a bit of a log jam....a great time for boat watching. Kristian pulled the boat up to a little island so the kids could get out and explore. Kayleigh dragged both of us out with her along with Kai and Malin. Malin is 5 and is quite the trooper. She's just learned how to ride her bike and according to Carolyn she is pretty fearless.
All the boating and exploring makes a person rather hungry.. Carolyn brought shrimp for making shrimp sandwiches. We peeled the shrimp added a some mayo and along with the bread. (from Baker Hansen, just thought I'd mention) Delicious! I made peanut butter chocolate cookies to bring along. It was a very easy meal.
After we ate it was time to shove off and continue. We went around the fjord some more and the kids fished a little. Before we knew it the sun was slowly disappearing so we head back.
Not a bad way to spend a Saturday evening if you ask me.

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What happened to the parkas???