Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Travel Fun

My mom had her reservations about making the long journey to Oslo to visit us. Her main concern was flying over by herself as my dad doesn't have much interest in travel unless it involves seeing his beloved children and grandkids. After a little convincing from me and several of her well traveled friends she decided to go for it! I'm happy to report her visit was very fun.... however before she even got off the ground in Bismarck there was a situation!!!
I received a phone call from my sister about 11 pm the night before Mom was coming. Apparently the plane out of Bismarck had mechanical problems so by the time it left she missed her connection in Minneapolis. As it turned out she was booked on later flights in both MPLS and Amsterdam and all was well. KJ and I were at the airport when she arrived. Flying internationally is difficult for most so I was impressed at the amount of energy Mom had. She was pretty perky her whole visit.

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