Thursday, June 19, 2008

What a Game!!!

At soccer practice Tuesday Isabelle, the team leader asked if Kayleigh wanted to play in both games this week; Thursday and Friday. I guess families are busy since it this is the last week of school and some of her team mates can't play.
Personally, I'm kind of a burned out soccer mom but when we asked KJ she jumped at the chance to play Thursday and Friday.
Well, after tonight's game a recap is definitely in order. The forecast called for a rainy and windy day and that it was. Foolishly, I thought perhaps the game would be called off due to bad weather. I knew better so off we went to meet the team and carpool to our opponents field. KJ commented that she loves playing in the rain and I guess she does. Frigg Farta had an outstanding game! All the girls played brilliantly making nice passes and playing stellar defense. The score was 5-0. Yes, Frigg had 5. Kayleigh wound up with 2 goals and was very excited.
On a side note. One of the girls... Villja, who is really good forgot her cleats. She wanted to play in her Wellies which is not allowed. She and her pappa disappeared and turned up right at game time. Villja was wearing Isabelle's running shoes which were huge and they were stuffed with socks to keep them on her feet. It slowed her down a bit but she still had a good game. What determination!
I wonder if tomorrow's game will be nearly as interesting or as entertaining?

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