Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Friends

One of our regular stops is to our neighborhood library. They have one shelf of children's books in English which includes picture books up to young adult novels. It isn't much but Kayleigh has read all the Harry Potter books and several books by Roald Dahl.
Yesterday we stopped by to return Harry Potter. As we were browsing through the books we heard English. Sure enough, it was a fellow mom with her three kids. Before we knew it we had new friends. Meagan is from Australia and her kids are Chloe 8, April 6, and Conner 3. They have been in Oslo since January and are leaving in July. The same time frame as my family. Meagan's husband is working here and they live next to Kayleigh's school. The kids are home schooled as Meagan is a teacher so that is probably why we never met.
We really hit it off and ended up chatting for a long time in front of the English book shelf. Eventually one of the librarians told us that we'd have to leave so others could have a chance to look at the books. Funny, I think we're the only ones who check them out.
We checked out our books, said our good byes and exchanged phone numbers and decided it would be fun to hitch up next week with the kids.
Our little trip to the library ended up being a pleasant surprise.

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