Sunday, June 8, 2008

Norwegian Heat Wave

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten said the weather in Oslo the last 10 days is what Norwegians dream about. Let me tell you its been beautiful! We wake up with lots of sun and it is mild. I've been wearing shorts and t-shirts on our walk to school in the morning. I keep thinking this must not be normal? On Friday and Saturday it was 30 degrees celsius. (which is about 88 degrees F) I guess a front is heading our way with rain which will cool things off... Go figure my mom arrives tomorrow. Oh well, what are you going to so about it? We'll have lots of fun regardless of the weather. BTW, I'm a bit if a weather nut.
Here's a recap of our week of summer.....
Monday, KJ and I headed to H and M to buy some shorts and t-shirts. I only brought 2 pairs of shorts and KJ is growing! (H and M is one of the stores we can afford in Norway.)
Wednesday..... Kayleigh and her friends Anna and Elsa and I went to Frogner Park and they played in the fountains. We also checked out the pool and made a plan to go swimming on Friday.
Wednesday evening Kent and I walked back to the park so he could check out the pick-up ultimate practice we found out about on-line. It was successful! The players were all super friendly. Kent wasn't dressed to play and was even wearing sandals but that didn't stop him. I left because KJ was at home. When he returned he told us he had been invited to a tourney on Saturday.
Thursday..... Kayleigh played in a really hot soccer game and it wasn't a pretty one for Frigg Farta. So much for an undefeated season.
Friday..... We hit Frognerbadet. It was a super time. There are 3 pools and a huge water slide. The girls went down the slide numerous times. One of the pools is more for playing and splashing. There is also a baby pool across from it. On the upper level is the deep pool which includes lap lanes and on the other end are some very high places for diving.
Fognerbadet also includes a lot of green space if you want to hang out and have a picnic. I can't wait to go back!
Saturday.... Kent decided to play in the EZ Oslo Ultimate Tourney. KJ and I went to cheer him on. He had a terrific time. He was on the pick up team and they needed him. They actually almost won the whole tourney but ended up in second place. He met a lot of friendly people from all over and was happy to be playing Ultimate again. Rumor has it.... we might find Kent out throwing the disc back in Portland.
Sunday.... We went to church since there aren't many more Sundays we'll be in Oslo. After church we went to Sognsvann to hike a little. What a beautiful place! We ended up stopping at Oslo's new opera house on the way home. (It really wasn't on the way home.) All I can say is WOW!

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