Saturday, June 21, 2008

Schools Out for Summer!

June 20 was KJ's last day at Uranienborg Skole. Her classmates all from various countries will be will be going to different schools except for 2 kids who started at the end of the year. They are ready to transition into regular Norwegian classes. They attended Uranienborg because of the special Norwegian class and will return to their neighborhood schools.
They had a party and said there good-byes yesterday. When Kayleigh came home she said she felt kinda sad since she'll never see her teachers or her classmates again. I'm glad she felt this way, not that I want her to be sad. I know she had a good experience and will have nice memories of going to school in Oslo.
Early on I remember her commenting that everyone should speak English and English is the best language. A few months ago she began speaking more Norwegian and she said she wants to continue to learn more. Where do we find a Norwegian class in Portland?
We are feeling bittersweet that our time in Norway is coming to an end. If we stayed longer KJ would be in a regular fourth grade class and be fluent. It would be great to see that but we are looking forward to seeing Mackay, friends and family, our house and Portland!!!
Oslo is a wonderful place but it's not home.....

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