Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tootie Does Oslo!

Oslo is a wonderful European city to visit. There are truly many sights to see that it is hard to decide. I had a fun time showing Mom around. Here are the spots she visited.

* Vigeland Park and the museum: my favorite. I think she liked it a lot too.

* Literature House: I had never been. This was started by Norli which is the largest
bookstore in Norway. They have authors come and speak and have different programs
going on. There are several stages and conference rooms. There is also a bookstore
and a cafe. We thought it was a great idea but not much to see.

* Strolling around the palace and Karl Johan's Gate which is always fun; great people

* Oslo Fjord Cruise: KJ, Mom and I went one afternoon; it was beautiful and in-
teresting. We had a guide who had a lot of information to share. We also had a
glass of wine and hot cocoa for KJ.

* The Viking Ship Museum: We took the ferry over to the Bygdoy Peninsula where the
museum is located. Everyone loves seeing those old Viking ships.

* Telenor and lunch with Kent: Dining at Telenor is always tasty but where is the
dessert? Those Telenor employees must be healthy?

* The National Gallery and The Nobel Peace Center: This was a Kent/Tootie outing.
They both enjoyed the sights not to mention spending quality time together.

* Sex and the City at the Gimle Theatre: What a cool theatre! It was a great evening.
We had cosmopolitans; very appropriate and yummy. After the entertaining flick I
took Mom to San Leandro's a tapas bar Kent and I had been to. I love tapas. We
dined on olives, tortilla de patata, calamari, shrimp, manchengo queso and ham from
Spain and of course vino.... Lots of fun. Did I already say that?

* Church at the American Lutheran: Mom is very excited that we've started going to
church. There was blue grass music by Apple Blossom and KJ received a certificate
for attending Sunday School.

* Holmenkollen and the souvenir ski shop: Mom bought herself a Norwegian ski sweater.
I'm jealous and still drooling over the one I want. (The ski jump is the #1 tourist
spot in Oslo.)

Wow! We really did do a lot. I'm impressed but the best part of her visit was getting to spend time together. She got her share of the Gilmore Girls and Kent and I introduced her to Heroes. I think she liked it. We really don't watch that much TV. We also did quite a bit of home cooking. Mom made Kent a rhubarb crisp for Father's Day and cooked him dinner.
I think Tootie did Oslo quite well!

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