Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We had a great time in Amsterdam with Dan and Teresa. Kent and I decided the best word to describe the city is stimulating. There is so much going on... it is great and overwhelming all at the same time. Maybe I'm getting old because I don't remember feeling this way the last time I was here as a 20 year old.
Sunday we checked out of our hotel after breakfast. Tonight we're camping out with Teresa. Dan is heading to Munich for work. KJ, Kent and I went to the Nemo Science Museum which was a blast. I got my soy latte at a local coffee shop on the way. D and T hit a couple museums on their own. Together we visited a church/house museum and then went out for a beer before Dan had to head to the airport. We also swung by a houseboat museum. After a tasty dinner at a cozy spot Teresa found, Kent and I strolled through the red light district where there is lots of stimulation... Teresa offered to hang with Kayleigh.
FYI.... KJ says Teresa is the best sleeper in the world. She can sleep through the 3 of us up in the middle of the night dealing with KJ's rash.
In the morning we went to have Dutch pancakes before we headed back to Oslo. the pancakes were quite the hit.

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