Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Three Months in Oslo Already?!?

Hard to believe but true. I'm happy about the fact we've been here since January 7 and are marching right along.
It seems like we are settling into a routine of some sort. The school schedule is still strange to me. Kayleigh gets out everyday at one. Most Norwegian school kids have odd schedules. Almost everyday they get out at different times. I'm still not really sure why? A friend told me this is because they want to extend the school day and are gradually working towards this. Teachers aren't paid well and don't want to work more hours if they aren't going to get more pay and I'm not sure the parents want their children in school any longer. I still don't know enough about public education in Norway, but I think it needs improvement. We are happy to report KJ is returning to Archbishop Howard for fourth grade.
KJ and I have lots of quality time together which we've always had since she is an only child. We spent the first couple months visiting lots of the sights. Once a week we went on field trips together. We spend time studying every afternoon for a bit. Some days are better than others. She's written and illustrated a super cute story, done an animal report, has learned how to divide and is currently working on her multiplication facts. She has also read around 20 books since we've arrived. (FYI, the books are at least grade 5 or 6 reading level) We also treat ourselves every now and then to a visit to the bakery. Not to worry we walk a lot after our trip to the bakery.
Soccer practice is once a week and soon the games will start. This has been fun and we are looking forward to the games. Their is a tourney (cupp this weekend)
We've also gone to church! I know, some of you are probably very surprised. We wish we would've gone sooner. KJ has gone to the youth group too.
I like where we are now..... I'm still learning to be patient; all things that are good take time.

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