Monday, April 7, 2008

Another Weekend in Oslo

It's hard to believe we've been here for three months. Where does the time go? Before you know it, we will be enjoying summer in Oslo and other parts of Europe. (We are planning on some travel in July before we head back to Portland.)
We had a fun weekend and actually didn't sit around much which is unusual for us. Friday after school KJ had two friends over. They are sisters and they go to Uranienborg Skole too. KJ has befriended them on the playground. They are American and their father is the minister at the American Lutheran Church which is in our neighborhood. They have relatives in Portland and are traveling there soon; it's a small world. They invited Kayleigh to youth group at the church the next day so of course she went and had a super, fun time. They did an art project, sang songs, ate dinner and played. While all that action was going on Kent and I had a date. We have dreamed about having a chance to go out on our own.... so it was fun for all three of us. We went to a little spot called Deja Vu close to our apartment. It was good and not super expensive at least for Oslo?.. They had quite a variety to choice from pasta dishes, stir fries, hamburgers and pizza. Kent had a curry, pasta dish and I had a chicken, veggie stir fry. We also went for a walk and then picked up KJ.
We also had the chance to chat with some of the parents which was nice. We are meeting lots of good people who are making it easier for us here. We see that they have adjusted to life away from their home countries and are having great experiences and it's been real positive for me to be around people like this. I have to admit, this hasn't been easy for me and at times I feel like hopping on the next plane home. I think I would've been disappointed.... I'm happy to report KJ and Kent have been amazing. Kayleigh is such a happy, positive kid and always makes the most of things. Kent has a great outlook about being in Norway and and is quick to remind me that we are in one of the best countries in the world... OK, I get the picture.
Back to the weekend... Friday night Carolyn invited me for a night out. She picked me up and we headed to an area called Grunerlokka which is very popular with lots of boutiques and fun spots to eat and drink. We ended up at Sult; it means hunger in Norwegian. The barside is called Torst meaning thirst... clever. We had mussels, white wine and chatted. We were entertaining one another, reminiscing about UND. We both knew a lot of the same people and keep discovering even more people. It brought back lots of fun memories. We left Sult and walked around a bit. We definitely weren't ready to call it a night so we ended up at a place in my neighborhood but I can't recall the name. It was a very hip spot though. We decided on a bottle if white wine and continued our engaging conversation. Around midnight we finally called it a night. It was excellent going out with a girlfriend....

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