Thursday, April 17, 2008

Haircuts and 100 Days

The longer we've been in Oslo, the longer our hair gets. We can't get over the price of a haircut in Oslo. The average price is around 500 kroner... that is $100. I realize some people don't hesitate at paying big bucks for their hair. I'm usually sporting a sporty cut so this has been challenging for me.
I walked into a salon about a month ago next to the grocer we frequent to inquire for KJ. Her hair is very long and I'd like it trimmed. Well, the cute, Norwegian stylist told me it would be 300 kroner for a barn. I thought I might be able to stomach that until she looked out the window and spotted my very tall daughter. She quickly upped the price to 500 kroner, since KJ isn't very barn looking and well over seven... 500 kroner, I don't think so.
I asked Jennifer if she cuts hair in an e-mail before they arrived. Her response was that she loves too. In fact she cuts David's hair and she said she'd pack her trusty scissors.
Last night in celebration of our 100th day in Europe Jennifer and David had us over for dinner and the three of us visited Jennifer's Hair Salon. I was quite impressed with the results too. The dinner was delicious... chicken cacciatore and we are all pleased with our new hairdos.


Andy Smith said...

The food looks delicious, and the haircuts look good too. I didn't realize Jennifer did hair! I should have taken advantage during one of her visits - Gaitan is starting to lose his touch, or perhaps he lost it long ago.

Anonymous said...

That Jennifer is multi-talented! (We miss her Austin visits!) How much does she charge for haircuts?