Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Denverites Come To Town

Are they called Denverites? Oh well, Jennifer and David.... KJ's grandparents are here for a long visit from Denver. They arrived Sunday after a long journey and made themselves comfortable on our new lounge chairs all afternoon. I should've snapped a photo. It's great having them. Yesterday, after they had a good nights sleep we (minus Kent, someone has to work) hiked over to Frogner Park. It was a glorious day with sun for a change. We took in all the Vigeland statues, did the maze and KJ played on the playscape too. We refueled at the Untited Bakery and then did a couple errands on the way home.
Today is KAYLEIGH's ninth Birthday! She's having a low key day so far. I think she told her teacher it was her birthday but I don't think she wanted to make a big deal out of it. That wouldn't be me. I let the whole world know well in advance about my special day. I'm tying to let her do her thing.
When I went to pick her up she wanted me to guess who gave her a present at recess. I had no idea. Two girls KJ met when she first started at Uranienborg remembered today was her b-day and brought her a gift. Now, that is sweet!
KJ also received a box from my sister, G and Drew. What timing, they have! What great gifts too: a jump rope, a new blue sweat suit with shorts, pants and shirt. I want it. It looks like it could almost fit me? JK. There are also a selection of books. She is very happy!
We just took her brownie cake out of the oven and will decorate it shortly then off to soccer practice. Tonight Jennifer and David plus KJ's pals Anna and Elsa are coming over to celebrate. I'd say not a bad way to spend your special day in Oslo or wherever you may be.
Oh, Jennifer and David made there way to Telenor to have lunch with Kent and check out his working conditions. Yesterday they had trouble getting any kroners. Apparently, they were suppose to contact their credit card company and bank before they left the U.S. I'm happy to report after Jennifer made several phone calls last night, they now have kroners. FYI, for all you happy travelers... make sure to let your bank or credit people know when you leave the country as this happened to us too.


PS. The first picture of KJ J and D is next to one my favorite Vigeland statues. For some reason I love that women with the wild hair. BTW.... my hair is getting pretty long. I'm not paying $$$ kroners for a haircut.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, your sister is always right on time, isn't she? Happy birthday Kayleigh ... we wish we could celebrate with you!