Saturday, February 2, 2008

Oslo Weather Update

What is schlop? It is my newly created weather word for the type of precipitation we've been experiencing in Oslo.

It started Thursday. It rained, sleeted and snowed throughout the whole day. It was definitely an inside day. We tried to go out for a walk later in the evening after Kent came home and said it had been snowing. All we did was get rained on. We were very grumpy.

Friday morning after I dropped KJ off at school it finally started to snow. I was with my new friend Janet on the Trik out for some shopping when the flakes started to fall and they were huge. It was too warm so they immediately started to melt. It dumped off and on all day but when it wasn't dumping it was raining. How strange..... Later that evening we went out for dinner with the Chinese boys. We took the bus to a super yummy Indian restaurant in another part of town. We met them when we got off the bus but we still needed to walk across a park in order to get to the restaurant. We had a couple very small umbrellas. Kent, KJ and I were dressed for the weather having lived in Portland. The poor Chinese boys weren't so fortunate with their loafers and dress coats. They were drenched but very good sports.

The restaurant proved to be a welcoming retreat from this wild weather. It was a very cozy spot and the food was delish! We all had something different but sampled each others. I had the tandori chicken.... yum.

Back to the weather.... Unfortunately we had to get across town to the hotel and our apartment after dinner. The schlop had really accumulated. Kent and I being from cold weather states had really never witnessed anything like it before. It was like we were walking in a giant slushy. I wish I would've had my camera. We finally found the bus and waved frantically since we actually weren't at the stop. Surprisingly he stopped. Back at the hotel he said our goodbyes. Jen and Jing me are leaving tomorrow for China as it is Chinese New Year.

Today I found out many flights out of Oslo were cancelled Friday because of the crazy weather. Kent spoke to Jen and they had trouble getting out of Oslo this morning. They have a long journey ahead of them. I hope they make it home to celebrate.


lostinrain said...

"Beautiful schlop with a cherry on top?" Dr Seuss--Oh the Thinks You Can Think

Sounds like the Indian restaurant was your cherry!

Kara said...

damn, someone thinks as I do but it is truly "schlop, schlop, beautiful scholp, beautiful schlop with a cherry on top"