Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's the Weekend!

This has become KJ's favorite phrase since arriving in Oslo and frankly who can blame her? She starts with the phrase when I pick her up from school Friday afternoon. She didn't have school last week but that didn't stop her from enjoying herself.

Friday she and I met Kent at Telenor for lunch. We hopped on the bus and headed to his current place of work. It is a super cool building. I guess it used to be the airport. We had lunch in a little spot on site that resembled a coffee shop to me. KJ had the sack lunch special. It consisted of a baguette sandwich stuffed with smoked salmon, hard boiled eggs, and red pepper. It was ginormous! Even she couldn't finish it! The lunch also contained an apple, yogurt and a juice. It was a value deal. Kent and I had huge baguette sandwiches as well. I had a great shrimp salad which I've been wanting to try and Kent had a chicken chili (not spicy) one. We never dine out so it was a treat.

After lunch Kent showed KJ where he works. I've already seen the space.... and a space it is. Everyone at Telenor appears to grab a space at a station. They don't always work at the same spot. The office is very pleasant; not so sure I could focus there. My husband has amazing focusing skills. He frequently studied in front of the TV when he was working on his masters degree. I guess his dad was the same way; must run in the family.

We all headed home together. Kent needed to meet the Chinese boys who were arriving shortly. KJ and I decided to see Hannah Montana 3-D at the Coluseum Kino near our apartment. The movies are basically the same over here except we had to pay way extra for 3D. Hannah put on quite the show. I rather enjoyed it.

Saturday was a mild day. We decided to take Kent to the Baker Hanson. Oops, guess I wasn't totally honest about going out for treats. Bakeries have always been my weakness and there are tons of them here. We may go broke trying them all. We have a weakness for the scones here. Next we walked across the street to Ark, the local chain bookstore. English books were still on sale so Kent and I each purchased a book. We walked around the area which is called Majorstua. I like it here: lots of shops, cafes and people. We gradually made our way to Frogner Park where there were tons of Oslovians enjoying the beautiful day. We headed to the Vigeland Museum to take in some of the famous sculptors work. (I mentioned him in an earlier post that he was very well known for his work.) Kent, KJ and I really enjoyed it plus the museum is free until March 31. Next we stopped at the Oslo City Museum also free. This ended up being rather interesting and we learned about the history of the city. I must say we were pleasantly surprised. Both of these museums are super close to our apartment.

After all that sightseeing we were pooped so we headed home for an afternoon snack and
an episode of our favorite show on DVD... does anyone want to know the name of the show?

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Anonymous said...

The Gilmore Girls, which I have ordered from Blockbuster Online. Sounds like a fun Saturday! and Friday too!