Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Dreaded Box

I guess there is an ending to every story. I received an e-mail from Jamie our dog and house sitter this morning. It simply said she has the box with books and stuff! I guess she hasn't been reading my stories about the precious box and what turmoil it has caused me over here.

I have to admit I am relieved that it is safe at home in Portland. We really thought someone either confiscated it because of the wanted vitamins or that the box was simply in a corner at the main Oslo Post Office never to be seen by us again.

So there you have it for all of those who were curious to know just what happened??? We aren't sure if we are going to ask Jamie to send it over minus the vitamins since my parents and Kacia were so generous to send us books. We'll see just how fast KJ reads them.

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