Friday, February 8, 2008

30 Days!

I've always thought of being in a new place as fun and exciting but the reality is different once you're actually there!
You think I would've learned this by now but if I did then it might hold me back from going to new places. Am I over

We've had a good week. We've done some different things, talked to some new people but mostly we've been
here 30 days which I think has helped. We're getting used to being here. This weekend we have plans on Saturday
and Sunday with Norwegians and a former North Dakotan. There will be an update on how the outings go so don't

Kayleigh is doing better at the Uranienborg Skole. She has been playing with various girls at recess which is a relief
for me. It was not easy thinking of her without any playmates. They have a lot of outside recess time in Norway. She told
me they had to play outside in the rain and it wasn't a Portland rain either. She commented that the teachers locked them
outside. I complained to the teacher telling her that we aren't afraid of bad weather but I wasn't sure kids need to be out in
the dumping rain. She wasn't happy with that and told me that there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing.... so
I guess we need to get better rain gear. I'm still frustrated with KJ's class. It doesn't seem like there is much motivation.
The kids feel safe in their special class and don't seem to be in any hurry to learn Norwegian and move into the regular
class. If we were to be here any longer KJ would either get a tutor and get out of there or go to the International School
which costs a million dollars. (BTW, I contacted them and they have an opening at KJ's level.) KJ decided to stay put; one
can only handle so much change. I don't blame her.

Kent and I attended the Democrats Abroad Super Tuesday function earlier this week at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was interesting. Carolyn, our ND friend is very involved with the group. In fact, she was interviewed by a local radio station. We met some friendly people and discovered there are a lot of Americans in Norway. Where are they hiding?!?

My box is still missing. (I've told some of you about it) The latest update is that we have received mail stating that it is here but when Kent and I made a trek out to the main post office after I was told to go there in person, they couldn't find it. I'm losing
hope. Kent has sent a fax to them everyday and his recent fax has a list of everything in the box plus pictures too. They want receipts of the purchase of the vitamins. Hmm, I bought them in December at Safeway so that's not going to happen. I'm very
disappointed because all of KJ's new books from Xmas she received from friends were in there. Books are expensive here too.
She can only read so much Harry Potter. She'd beg to differ.

Janet and John, our friends who live in the building are heading back to the states tomorrow. Last night they invited us for a glass of wine and we met their granddaughter who is here visiting from Portland. They gave us a bunch of their leftover groceries which we gladly took. It was very nice meeting them. I wish they were sticking around a little longer.

We are looking forward to next weekend when we will be traveling to Dublin Ireland to visit Sharon and Bill. They are friends from Austin who are living there for 2 years. Until then we will enjoy Oslo....

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