Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oslo Fun!

Monday Kayleigh and I met our new Aussie friends at the bus stop and headed to the Norske Folk Museum for a Mid Summer's Festival. It was pretty entertaining with lots of activities. The kids hit the arts and crafts table and made crowns. After, they spent a long time at the play scape. We watched and sampled a lefsa demonstration. (It was some of the best lefsa I've ever eaten.) They went on a carriage ride. The museum also had different musicians performing too. Many people were barbecuing.
Mid Summer's Eve is a fun time in Scandinavia. I don't know much about it but it is common for people to people to celebrate late into the night on their boats out on the Oslo Fjord. There are also lots of bonfires and picnics. Everyone is enjoying the longest day of the year. It doesn't get dark?!?

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