Thursday, June 26, 2008

And The Fun Continues

With school out for the summer I wondered what would we do to keep ourselves busy our last week in Oslo. Well, its been no problem. Kayleigh had Anna and Elsa over for a sleepover one night. We also went to see a production of the Jungle Book at Frogner Park with Meagan and her kids. The play was in Norwegian (of course) and was not Disney like at all. We'll chalk it up as a cultural experience. We did get free bananas.
We had a barbecue with our new friends last night at Frogner Park. One of the things I've wanted to do. We had our one time use disposable grills which we really enjoy using. The weather wasn't very good but it didn't stop kids from rolling down the wet, grassy hill. Go KJ! We introduced The Aussies to smores and they really liked them. Chloe said she wants to have a smore party for her friends when she get home; very cute.
We only have 3 more days in Oslo before we leave for Italy. It's hard to believe!

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